Item #: FMC-007

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item FMC-007 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. When personnel must enter FMC-007's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct eye contact with FMC-007 until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container.

Description: Origin is as of yet unknown. It is constructed from wool and silk with traces of plastic made by Doctor amazatainment. FMC-007 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not be broken at any time with FMC-007. Personnel assigned to enter container are instructed to alert one another before blinking. Object is reported to attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation. In the event of an attack, personnel are to observe Class 4 hazardous object containment procedures.

Personnel report sounds of crying and humming originating from within the container when no one is present inside. This is considered normal, and any change in this behaviour should be reported to the acting HMCL supervisor on duty.

 FMC-007 sometimes decides go through long periods of “dormancy”, in which it will remain completely motionless for up to three weeks. The cause for this is unknown; however, it has been shown that this appears to be used as a “lulling” tactic. FMC-007 will emerge from this state in a very agitated state, and will attack all staff who enter its cell even when looked at,and cause gross damage to its containment cell

100 0135

FMC-007 during breach 007-1

. Recall Protocol [DATA EXPUNGED].