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FMC:003 being handled by {DATA EXPUNGED].Not hurt as he was wearing gloves

Item #: FMC-003

Object Class: Elucid

There is currently only 1 know instance of FMC-003 . FMC-003 was  found in small, clear, plastic container,  that was visually identical to those used by the Bionic Putty Corporation, except that the Bionic

Putty logo has been replaced by "Doctor amazatainment."

FMC-003 appears to be an inorganic polymer, composed of 65% dimethyl siloxane (hydroxy-terminated polymers with boric acid), 17% silica (crystalline quartz), 9% Thixatrol ST (castor oil derivative), 4% polydimethylsiloxane, 1% decamethyl cyclopentasiloxane, 1% glycerine, and 1% titanium dioxide. While similar to common Bionic Putty, FMC-003 has several differences. It has proven to be completely resistant to tearing, although indentation and apparent cuts are possible. When formed into a ball and thrown, FMC-003 bounces twice as much as the regular kind.

The main difference, however, is that FMC-003 is capable of copying any picture of a human being it is pressed upon, no matter if ink is involved. It can retain an image from paper, photopaper, even from a television or computer screen. Once an image has been placed on FMC-003, the only ways to remove it are to crumple it into a ball, or to apply rubbing alcohol.

Any actions taken upon FMC-003 affect the individual pictured as well, usually resulting in the death of the pictured individual.

See Incident report FMC-003-0204

Test 003-1 6-10-2*

Subject: D-123

Procedure: Subject told to give a picture of something to 003. 

Result: Subject gives picture of himself to Fmc-003. Subject told to pull on it. Subject feels excruciating pain in his torso,but dismisses it. Subject pulls harder and keeps screaming untill [DATA EXPUNGED]