Level 2

"Properly redact this data"

SCP-18467-J is a humanoid/lion type species that was founded in Utah, USA. Dr. Eisenhower is currently doing research at Site - 72. The subject was contained in March, 17 2007.

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Awnser questions regarding this:

9:00: Doctor Skinner and Agent ████████ begin  patrol at FMC-003's cell.

9.21: FMC:003 breaches containment,reason is believed to be through the ventalation shaft. agent ████████ sets of a site wide alarm.

9.22 Fmc-003 appears near office block C, a photo of a worker is grabbed by FMC-003 and his image appears on it.

Worker in question was later found dead,along with Doctor skinner,who has the same wounds as the worker, CCTV confirms FMC-003 did this.

9.24:  D-121 is placed in the chamber, FMC-003 recall protocoll begins.

9.30: FMC-003 is sighted at FMC-010's cell.

9.50: FMC-003 enters its containment chamber and [DATA EXPUNGED]'s D-121.

9.51: FMC-003's cell close's

What office block did FMC-003 appear at?

What rank was the person with Dr skinner?

What D-class subject was put in the recall protocall?